Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blaft Publication

This time at the world book fair, we discovered Blaft publication. Ita a small publication house with big dreams with its operations from Chennai. Meeting this tall and handsome gentleman in a red colored jacket, originally from U.K. but settled in India for long on the second day of the book fair proved out to be pretty interesting..explaining the logic behind the title "blaft", he asked us to imagine the sound produced by dropping a 10 kg weight on a pommegranate from a height..and said the sound when heard with concentration would be blaaafft!!

The publication house in a small corner display had a mere collection of some 10 books, but still managed to grab our attention coz of the graphic representations on the book covers and the welcoming attitude of this guy. With pulp fiction, graphic novels, crime and other fiction already to their credit ( regional novels published in english for one and all), they also plan to get into designer underwear and kitchen appliances, hopefully continuing with the same sense of humour and the graphic twists:)

Check out their site http://www.blaft.com/

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